Basic Hydraulics 4 days



Price: 9800 NOK.

Including learning material, diploma and lunch.

For courses held in English, minimum 5 participants.
All courses are held in Norwegian unless otherwise stated.

Course Overview: 

This Course will provide a solid introduction into the field of oil hydraulics. It is a natural starting point for operating and maintenance personell working with hydraulic equipment. The Course is taught in English, with English Course materials. Norwegian Course materials are supplied on customers request.

Basic principles of Hydraulics:

  • Pascal’s law 
  • Pressure, pressure drop 
  • Flow, laminar and turbulent 
  • Hydraulic transmission of power 

Symbols and circuit diagrams:

  • Symbols according to ISO 1219 
  • Circuit diagrams according to ISO 1219  

For more information about the course:

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Component description:

  • Pumps, motors and cylinders 
  • Pressure valves 
  • Directional control valves 
  • Flow control valves 
  • Accumulators 
  • Hydraulic fluids 
  • Filtration and cleanliness definitions according to ISO, SAE and NAS 
  • Hydraulic pipes, hoses and port connectors

Hydraulic systems:

  • Components assembled into a system 
  • Control of power, speed and direction 
  • Assembly and start-up of systems 
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

Hands-on training on hydraulic equipment.

Diploma / Certificate of competence:

A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each students who has successfully met the requirement of the course.

According to NORSOK STANDARD  R-003N / R-005N

BIKS AS is a certified training center ATS 202. Certified by the ASAS Certification AS Norway - Aproved by Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.