Personnel Lift - Work platform



Price: 2900 NOK.  

Including learning material, diploma and lunch.

For courses held in English, minimum 5 participants.
All courses are held in Norwegian unless otherwise stated.


In order to use a lift, it is required that you have documented training according to the regulations. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all personnel who work with lifts have documented training. Lifts are divided into three classes. A-B-C. 

An elevated work platform ( also known as a Cherry Picker, Casing Stabbing Basket, boom lift, man lift, basket crane or hydraladder ) is a type of work platform that consists of a platform or bucket at end of a hydraulic lifting system.

Onshore, Offshore or on board ship, Maritime industry.

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Diploma / Certificate of competence:

BIKS issues operator certificates for the classes which the candidate has passed the theoretical and practical exam. 

According to NORSOK STANDARD  R-003N / R-005N

BIKS AS is a certified training center ATS 202. Certified by the ASAS Certification AS Norway - Aproved by Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.